GOS Farm is your reliable global partner in the supply of provisions and stores to catering companies, a total supply chain solution that provides fresh and  and high quality food items the offshore industry and ships of every kind, providing supplies to all types of vessels and offshore location in Indonesia staffed by highly trained individuals with expert knowledge of the local markets, 


GOS Farm is one of only few Companies in Indonesia that been awarded with ISO 9001-2015 as acknowledgement for our total commitment on Quality and HACCP for Food Safety, we have revolutionised the ship supply service industry in Indonesia, our commitment is to satisfy an ever growing customer base with our understanding service and quality guarantee.


GOS Farm is the option you should consider for a quality product and services, variety of products and team that know your needs, we are available at any needed time to ensure that your supply need will be delivered ahead of time and within your budget.

We are Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

Food to Go


At GOS Farm, we demonstrate our passion for food by helping customers meet their dietary or ethical food requirements. We provide a range of specialty products which include seasonal and locally produced fresh foods, a range of organics, fermented, gluten free and vegan goodies to mention a few.

GOS Farm is at all time delivering the highest compliance and quality food safety standards. We have set a Standard Operational Procedure to minimise operational risk related to food supply by complying strictly with international food standards, and our integrated management system has been certified globally according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

In addition, GOS farm the only ship supplier with the ISO 22000: 2018 certifications in all of its main hubs, demonstrating our ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that the food is safe at the time of human consumption. This includes a full product traceability and recall system in place.


GOS Farm commitment to the HACCP program ensures strict control of food safety, freshness and quality. HACCP is a comprehensive program that ensures the risks and hazards associated with food safety, freshness and quality are systematically evaluated and appropriately controlled along the entire supply chain from the product source to delivery to the end customer.


GOS farm Inspiration is the premier fresh produce brand for the hospitality sector, embodying our passion to offer a surprising fresh food experience with fruit and vegetables with which you can constantly surprise your customers in every possible way. 

GOS Farm Fresh Inspiration is a balanced range of remarkable fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen food, dry food varieties specially selected for the professional chef. We inspire the professional chef to create remarkable, distinctive, high quality food presentations.

GOS Farm entire service provision is tailored to the needs of the professional chef. From the excellent quality of the products to the packaging, which is designed for ease of use in the professional kitchen where necessary.

Fresh Vegetables


We are the chef’s right hand. We are passionate about seeking out new flavour sensations, concepts and applications for fruit and vegetables. We want to achieve a 80% use of vegetables and 20% of meat/fish, whereby vegetables are synonymous with health, flavour sensation and a creative colour palette to stimulate the senses and where the focus is on the gastronomic experience and result. A high level of trust and cooperation with our partners in the chain determines this result and success